Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My W30 - Week 4+

The final week and 2 days of Whole 30.  Here we go...
Breakfast:  By this point, sausage and potato oven baked hash are the easiest, and we both enjoy it!  But, to not get burned out, I did finally buy myself a quality nonstick skillet.  We have finally enjoyed some eggs, scrambled and omelet!

I find myself needing to scrounge one morning for breakfast.  Scrounging on Whole 30 is not easy.  But, this was tasty and it kept me full for quite a while too.  
A banana slice with almond butter (love Trader Joe's almond butter!)  Don't worry about the large portion of almond butter; you can't eat almond butter with my one year old around without her taking big bites as well.

I didn't take a picture of the first soup of the week, Vegetable Soup with Emeril's Essence-seasoned chicken.  So good!  Possibly Will's favorite.
On Saturday, I made an old favorite of ours, Vegetable Soup.  I changed up the vegetables a little based on some leftover vegetables I had in the fridge.

Monday:  Lemon Garlic Chicken with roasted green beans and roasted squash and tomatoes

 Tuesday:  Omelet bar (sauteed mushrooms, wilted spinach, tomatoes, bacon) with roasted broccolini
The kids LOVED this!!

Wednesday:  Hamburgers with a French Onion gravy, roasted potatoes and carrots
Have you ever taken the time to caramelize onions?  You have to.  Seriously, have to.  They are easy, just require some babysitting.  This night, I sliced 3 onions.  Started sauteing in some olive oil with a pinch of salt over medium heat.  Lower the heat to medium-low, put the lid on.  Allow to slowly cook for 15-20 minutes.  Remove lid and stir periodically until they start to brown.  Once caramelized, I added enough beef broth to make like a gravy.  Salt and pepper to taste. 

 Thursday - Chicken roasted with diced tomatoes, red pepper, and capers.  Served with roasted rainbow carrots (the kids thought this was awesome!) and sauteed brussel sprouts.

Friday - Grilled Romaine with Shrimp for appetizer.  Steak and a spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette.  

Saturday - We had soup for lunch and then a barbecue for some friends that evening.  Since we couldn't eat much, we ate some left over grilled romaine with shrimp.

Sunday - One Pan Teriyaki , this night was our new vegetable night - bok choy!  We will absolutely have it again!

Monday - We had a whole host of veggies left in the fridge that went into the planning of this night's supper,
Pork Tenderloin with Seasoned Rub, all roasted in the oven:  squash, green beans and okra, carrots
This pork tenderloin was wonderful!!  I totally plan to use this rub again in the future - on pork as well as chicken!

Tuesday - DAY 30!!
Butter chicken over cauli-rice and wilted spinach with roasted broccoli

And that makes 30 days!

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