Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sussex Stewed Steak (English-style Roast)

If I want my children to eat well, feed them roast!  If you want me to eat well, keep the recipes changing and sauces interesting!  I came across this recipe in my Elizabeth David cookbook, and knew I had to try it.  Roast.  Prep and walk away.  Serve to a happily waiting family!

Inexpensive cute of meat


Such a deep, rich gravy.

So tender

- 2 1/2 lb of an in expensive cut such as chuck steak, top round, or thick flank
- salt and pepper
- 1-2 tbsp flour
- an onion (or two!)
- 5-6 tbsp each of port and stout (I used Guinness and Sherry)
- 2 tbsp red wine vinegar

Season the meat.  Rub flour on both sides.  Put it flat in a shallow baking dish in which it just fits.  Slice a large onion, put over the meat.  Pour in the liquid.  Cover with a double sheet of parchment paper and the lid of the dish.  Put it in a very low oven, at 275 degrees and leave it for about 3 hours - a little less or a little longer won't matter.

Elizabeth David claimed that the toughest meat will come out tender and the gravy will be rich, brown, and excellently flavored.  She was absolutely right!!

I have said before that Elizabeth David takes French cooking and makes it approachable.  No fuss, just cook!  And, this one was as simple as it sounds and as big of a hit as I hoped with the family!

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